How To Knit Eyelet Knitting Top

Knit a female prime with lacy eyelet rib and cap sleeves with this free knitting pattern. Knit in barely 2 items, this light-weight prime is ideal because the days heat up. The soft yarn may be a mixture of natural cotton and corn. This particular knitting style  may be a hard technique to master , employed by way too few knitting patterns, therefore seize the day and knit this top! We hope this how to knit instructions will help you knit this casual top.


1) Yarn: Bernat Cot’n Corn (60 g / two.1 oz) – five (5-6-6-7-8) balls of #19244 (Avocado)

2) Knitting needles: Sizes four metric linear unit (U.S. 6) and 4.5 mm (U.S. 7) or size required to get gauge



Twenty sts and twenty six rows = four ins [ten centimetre] use some bigger needles to success the stocking st.




Finishing bust: XS/S (M-L-XL-2/3XL-4XL) thirty six (40-44-48-55-63) ins [91.5 (101.5-112-122-139.5-160) cm].


How to knit eyelet knit top sweater
Eyelet Knit Top Sweater

How to knit instructions


BACK and FRONT (make alike) With smaller needles, sew ninety one (101-111-121-137-157) sts.

1st row: (RS). Knit1. *P1. K1. Rep from * to finish of row. Rep last row of Seed St Pattern seven times a lot of.


Change to larger needles.

1st row: (RS). P2 (one-six-five-one-five). *K3. Purl3. Rep from *, the end of the  last rep with P2 (1-6-5-1-5).

2nd and alternative rows: Knit2 (1-6-5-1-5). *P3. K3. Rep from *, ending last rep with Knit2 (one-six-five-one-five).

3rd row: P2 (one-six-five-one-five). *yrn. Sl1. K2.tog. psso. yrn, P3. Repeat from *, until the  ending last rep with P2 (one-six-one-five)

5th row: P2 (1-6-5-1-5). *K1. yfwd. Sl1. K1. psso. P3. Repeat from *, ending last repeat with P2 (one-six-five-one-five)

6th row: As 2d row.

Rep last half dozen rows for pat till work from beg measures approx. eighteen (18 ½ -19-19-20-21)” [45.5 (47-48-48-51-53.5) cm], ending with sixth row of pat.


Place pat for neck shaping:

1st row: (RS). Pat eighteen (23-28-33-41-51) sts. K55. Pat eighteen (23-28-33-41-51) sts.

2nd row: Pat eighteen (23-28-33-41-51) sts. (K1. P1) twenty seven times. K1. Pat eighteen (23-28-33-41-51) sts. Seed St Pat is currently in position. Cont in pat, operating Seed St Pat across center fifty five sts for six a lot of rows.


Shape neck:

Next row: (RS). Pat eighteen (23-28-33-41-51) sts. Seed St Pat next seven sts. take out center forty one sts.

Seed St Pat next seven sts (including st once solid off). Pat eighteen (23-28-33-41-51) sts.


Cont in pat on last twenty five (30-35-40-48-58) sts, operating Seed St Pat across seven sts at neck edge till neck measures four 1/2” [eleven. five cedi meters],   with Right Side row.


It’s time to start shaping our shoulders.


Shape the shoulder: take out eight (10-12-13-16-19) sts beg next and following EL row. Work one row even. take out rem nine (10-11-14-16-20) sts. With WS facing, be part of yarn to rem sts and work to correspond to alternative aspect, reversing all shaping’s.

And now the Finishing Instructions:


Sew the  shoulder seams. Place some markers on aspect edges eight (8 ½-nine-nine-ten-eleven)” [20.5-23-23-25.5-28) cedi meters] going down from the shoulder seams.

With RS of labour facing and smaller needles, develop and K67 (71-75-75-79-83) sts equally between markers. Work seven rows in Seed St Pat as given for Back and Front. take out in pat. Sew aspect and armband seams.


And currently you bought in your hand a sublime unwoven prime. Good job! Don’t forget  check our site everyday for new patterns to create!! Also don’t forget to share your knitted projects with us at our social media!


Have a pleasant day and thanks for reading 🙂

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