Infant Knitting Patterns

    Infant Knitting Patterns

    I created this baby knitting patterns to showcase a couple easy and really cute infant knitting patterns.Some patterns are hard to make and you need to be careful on which yarn you will use for your infant.Down below I will show you some easy , quick and sweet  knitting patterns you can make for your infant or give it away to someone you love.

    Infant Knitting Patterns From Raverly

    Sheep Hat

    Infant Knitting Patterns
    Knitting Patterns © Renee Lorion

    It doesn’t have large sizing , but probably about another 12 stitches would do the work!


    Smocked Dress

    Infant Knitting Patterns
    Knitting Patterns © Soho Publishing

    A little adorable dress for your little princesses.You can mix colors too , to make a unique dress for your infant.


    Infant Knitting Patterns From RedHeartYarn

    Simple Striped Baby Legwarmers

    Infant Kntting Patterns
    Knitting Patterns From RedHeartYarn

    Keep baby comfy and protect crawling knees with these baby knitting patterns for fashionable legwarmers.


    Garter Stitch Baby Booties

    Infant Knitting Patterns
    Knitting Patterns From RedHeartYarn

    Keep toes warm in boot-style knit footwear that will stay on baby’s feet. It only takes one ball of this highest quality easy-care yarn.


    What knitting patterns you like to create for your baby ?? Comment below! Thanks for reading and as always happy knitting!!

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