Gardening Tips The 6 Worst Garden Pets

Our first ever article about gardening will be a full length gardening tips about getting rid off the six worst garden pets with natural ways. We don’t want to kill our plants that’s why we will use some natural way to make them move out of our garden. More garden articles are coming stay tuned.

Gardening Tips The 6 Worst Garden Pets Slugs

Slugs loveee beer! If you have problems with slugs here is a really unique gardening tip to make them drown. Fill an empty small can with beer and bury it in your garden soil up to its rim. In one night the slugs will get attract from the beer and drown into the can. Then you throw away and fill the can again. If you have a serious problem with slugs you will need to make more because one can will only affect a small are of your garden.

Gardening Tips The 6 Worst Garden Pets Snails

Let’ get quick into the next gardening tip about the snails. Get a wooden board and put it on the garden soil far away from your precious garden. The snails will make their home under the shade wooden board makes. Pick up the board and trash all the snails under it.

Gardening Tips The 6 Worst Garden Pets
Gardening Tips The 6 Worst Garden Pets

Gardening Tips The 6 Worst Garden Pets Caterpillars

Small but effective tip, pick critters off your plants by hand and plant thyme and oregano. With this two plants you will keep them away for good.

Gardening Tips The 6 Worst Garden Pets Earwigs

Stay focused you need to pay extra attention to this one. In the evening time roll sheets of wet newspaper you don’t need anymore around your garden. Earwigs will find this wet newspaper like a good place to make it home at the sunrise. Get the papers with all the bugs before they dry out burn the papers , throw the earwigs in the toilet sink or close them with a plastic bag without any openings! If the earwigs will find a way to escape they will be back into your garden.

Gardening Tips The 6 Worst Garden Pets Aphids

Aphids are really small and hard to spot them. Plus they reproduce very quick. Let’s make a natural spray to get this bugs out of your garden ones and for all!! Grate the rind of one lemon or orange and combine it with one pint of boiling water. Let it steep for a night and then strain through a coffee filter to remove the rind. Now spray underneath of the leaves where aphids are gathering. Do this every four to seven days until all aphids go away.

Gardening Tips Grubs and Japanese Beetles

Milky spore is a natural way to get rid of grubs and Japanese beetles. Maybe will take a year or maybe more to spore your gardens soil but the effect will stay for over a decade.






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