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7 Myths About Mosquito Control

7 Myths About Mosquito Control

Citronella candles are no more effective than other candles at keeping mosquitoes away. Candle smoke in general might have a limited effect. Likewise, planting Citrosa geraniums won’t repel mosquitoes.

Outdoor foggers and misting systems will temporarily reduce mosquito numbers, but they rise again as soon as the system turns off and the spray dissipates.

Spraying garlic will make your yard smell like an Italian dinner, but does little else.

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Bug zappers attract and kill thousands of insects, but most of them aren’t mosquitoes. They kill only a small number of mosquitoes in the area. (Ironically, they zap a lot of insects that prey on mosquitoes.)

7 Myths About Mosquito Control

Placing propane gas traps in your yard will effectively capture many mosquitoes, but again, only a small fraction of those in your yard.

Ultrasonic devices have no repellency value at all, according to studies.

Building bat towers and purple martin houses to attract potential mosquito predators has been proven useless.

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