Opera Knitted Gloves Pattern (FREE)

    Opera Knitted Gloves Pattern

    Do you like to knit gloves ? This Opera Knitted Gloves Pattern is just for you.With small amount of yarn and easy to follow steps you can make your own comfy,warm and gorgeous opera gloves.If you liked this knitting pattern please share it with your friends! Have a great day!

    Opera Knitted Gloves Pattern Materials

    • 3 skeins of Aspen 100% merino 130 yds/50 gms
    • 6 US dpt needles
    • 5 US btp needles

    Gauge: 20 stitches to the inch in st st

    Opera Knitted Gloves Pattern
    Opera Knitted Gloves Pattern

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    Opera Knitted Gloves Pattern Instructions

    T2 – Knit 2 stitches together leaving on the left hand needle and knit the first stitch again.Both drop sts from needle.

    Using 6 US dpt needles,cast on 48 sts. Divide sts equally among the 3 needles, 16 sts per needle. Mark the beginning of the rnd. Being careful not to twist sts,Knit 1 rnd. Change to 5 US needles and *k2,p2* for 3 rounds.

    • Round 1: t2,p2,k2,p2.
    • Round 2: k2,p2
    • Round 3: k2,p2,t2,p2.
    • Round 4:k2,p2.

    Work the above 4 rows for 4.5 inches. Keeping in pattern,work needle 1,on needle 2 bind off 8 sts and work to end of rnd. On next rnd,work needle 1,cast on 8 sts over bound off sts. Work to end of rnd. Continue working in pattern until piece measures 15″. Work 3 rows *k2,p2* rib. Bind off loosely

    Block and lay flat to dry.

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