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Yarn Knitting Patterns (Fibers)

Yarn Knitting Patterns

All types of yarn knitting patterns are made from natural or synthetic fibers.Some designer are suggesting a yarn for their knitting pattern.The best choose here is to follow the designer , but if you want to try something else consider some of the following down below.

Yarn Knitting Patterns Wool

  • Wool: Wool (made from the fleece of sheep) is the queen of yarns, and it remains a popular choice for knitters. Here are some of your wool yarn options: There are the Lambs wool which comes from a young lamb’s 1st shearing.Some consider the Merino wool one of the finest wool out there.Pure new wool or virgin wool are made from animal fleece.Shetland wool is made from the small and hardy sheep of Shetland Islands.A rustic and soft yarn is the Icelandic wool.

Yarn Knitting Patterns
Yarn Knitting Patterns

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  • Novelty: Novelty yarns are easy to recognize because their appearance is so different from traditional yarns:Ribbon is a knitted blend of rayon or a ribbon in rayon.Boucle highly bumpy,textures composed of loops.Tricky to knit but it’s really attractive and velvety texture!!You cannot say no to Chenille fiber.Thick Think it’s very thick and thin , which lead to a bumpy look to knitted fabric.If you want a fluffy fiber you can try out Faux fur.Has tiny “tracks” of fiber strung between two parallel strands of thread and it’s the Railroad ribbon.

Yarn Knitting Patterns
Yarn Knitting Patterns

There are lot of yarn fibers out there.This are some common fibers to use.Beware some of the novelty yarns can be tricky to work. Others can be really difficult.Also you can’t identify easily your mistake in highly textured yarns.Making it hard to fix mistakes or rip out stitches.

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