Blue Beret Knitting Pattern (EASY)


Blue Beret Knitting Pattern

An awesome blue beret knitting pattern created by Kelly.Here is some notes about the knitting pattern, the ribbing is really tight, so if you have a bigger head, or hair with a lot of volume, go up a size or two for the smaller needles.


Blue Beret Knitting Pattern Materials

1 ball Lion Wool
4 & 8 DPNS
guage: (taken in the round, in pattern)
ribbing=5st/inch unstretched

Blue Beret Knitting Pattern

Blue Beret Knitting Pattern Instructions

Cast on 72 with size 4 needles
Work k1p1 around for 1.5 inches
Next row, k2m1 *repeat for row
Switch to size 8 needles
k8p1 *repeat for row
Work till full length of hat is: 8.5 inches for tam; 7 inches for toque
k2together 4 times, p1 *repeat for row
k2together 2 times, p1 *repeat for row
k2together, p1 *repeat for row
Cut a long tail, and thread it through the remaining stitches 3 times, weave the end inside the hat
Weave in the cast on tail.

For toque, make a two inch pompom, trim, and fasten.



  1. Beautiful hat! I’d love to try making this! Can you explain how you would switch to the size 8 needles? Would you put an equal number of stitche’s on each of them? (9). I’m a very new knitter…


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