Knit Beanie Basic Mens


Knit Beanie Basic Mens

If you’re looking for a knit beanie basic mens knitting pattern, good for beginners and worked up on two needles, you have come to the right place. It’s the perfect gift for your friend or a love one. The color in the image is the best choice for something classic and simple , but you can use any color you want. Enjoy knitting and have a nice day!!

Knit Beanie Basic Mens Materials

  • Size 10 needles
  • Medium weight worsted yarn *note that if you use a thicker yarn, adjust your needle size
  • Tapestry needle
  • Tape measure

K2TG-Knit 2 together

Knit Beanie Basic Mens
Knit Beanie Basic Mens

Knitting Instructions

CO 72 (this makes a large men’s hat.  Reduce the number of CO stitches in multiples of 2 to customize the sizing)
2X2 ribbing for 5 rows, or about an inch or so (for a longer brim, knit more rows of ribbing):

Row 1: *Knit 2, Purl 2* (*repeat across)
Row 2: same as row 1

Once your ribbing is complete, you will begin the body of the hat:
Row 1: Kniteach across
Row 2: Purl each across
Continue these two rows for approximately 8 1/2″.  For a longer hat, or one with a folded brim, add a few inches to this. UPDATE: this makes it long enough for a fold over brim.  If you want it without that option, lessen this to about 7″.

Knit Beanie Basic Mens
Knit Beanie Basic Mens

Now, you will begin the decreases to form the crown.

Row 1: *Knit 2 Together, Knit 2* repeat across
Row 2: Purl each across

You will continue this until there are 12 stitches left.  With a tapestry needle and a long tail, weave the needle through the 12 stitches, being careful not to forget any.  Remove the knitting needle and pull tight to close the hat.  Do not cut the tail, as we will be using this to seam up the side.

Knit Beanie Basic Mens
Knit Beanie Basic Mens

Fold the hat with right sides together, so the outside of the hat is on the outside and line up the edges.

Now you are going to seam up the edge.  Insert the needle into both layers of the hat, pull tight (but not so tight that it makes the seam uneven), bring the yarn in front of the work, and into the next stitch in the seam.  There are a lot of great YouTube videos out there on how to seam up your knitting work.  The mattress stitch method is a bit more challenging, but makes an invisible seam.

Knit Beanie Basic Mens
Knit Beanie Basic Mens

Once you finish your seaming, tie the seaming yarn to the original tail of the work and weave in the edges.  Turn your work so the right side is out.  Your seam will look something like this:

Knit Beanie Basic Mens
Knit Beanie Basic Mens

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