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    Pattern Of Knitting

    Pattern of knitting is a piece of paper or virtual article with instructions on how to create something unique with your knitting abilities and skills.There are a lot of free knitting pattern out in the internet or on your local knitting store.Now we will learn how to read basic terms and abbrevations of knitting patterns.Are you ready?! Let’s get started!!

    Pattern Of Knitting Understanding Written Instructions

    Follow S, M, L, XL for size. Pay attention to the size differences if a pattern provides them. Instructions will generally be listed with the smallest size first and the others in parentheses in this format: S (M, L, XL).

    • For example, if a pattern tells you to cast on 10 (12, 14, 16) stitches to begin and you want to make a size Large, you would choose 14 stitches to cast on.
    • Note the dimensions that the pattern provides for the completed size. The right size for you will likely differ from the typical size you would buy in a store.
    • It is useful to use a highlighter to mark the corresponding numbers for the size you choose to knit throughout the entire pattern before you begin. This makes it much easier to follow the instructions according to your size.
    • The size of the finished item is sometimes stated as the size “after blocking.” Blocking is a technique of shaping fabric, usually after washing. For instance, many sweaters are blocked by laying them out and patting them into place while they are still damp, then leaving them to dry.

    Pattern Of Knitting
    Pattern Of Knitting

    Pattern Of Knitting Understanding Terms & Abbreviations

    • As established: Continue to knit the center part of a pattern that you have already set up (the pattern may call for adding or subtracting stitches at either end of the center pattern).
    • BO: Bind off (aka cast off) to finish your knitted piece.
    • CO: Cast on to begin knitting the pattern with a certain number of stitches.
    • Dec: Decrease, or eliminate one or more stitches by working two stitches together as one, or another method that your pattern will specify.
    • Inc: Increase, or add one or more stitches by working the front and then the back of the same stitch, or another method that your pattern will specify.
    • K: Knit a knit stitch.
    • P: Knit a purl stitch.
    • Rep: Repeat the preceding instruction the given number of times.
    • RS: Right side, meaning the outside or side that people will see when the item is worn.
    • Sl: Slip one or more stitches from one needle to the other.
    • Sts: Stitches.
    • Tog: Work two or more stitches together.
    • Work even: Continue knitting as you have been, without increasing or decreasing stitches.
    • WS: Wrong side, meaning the inside or side that people will not see when the item is worn.
    • YO: Yarn over, meaning take the yarn over the needle.

    Pattern Of Knitting Free Links

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