Knitting Equipment How to Keep It Tidy Up

    How to Keep Your Knitting Equipment

    Knitting is one of the most relaxing and fulfilling hobbies out there. Putting together something as simple as a potholder or as complex as a sweater with nothing other than a couple of knitting needles and some wool threads might be challenging enough to be engaging, but it can also be done at a calming pace. Follow this small and easy Knitting Equipment Guide for all knitters out there. 🙂

    However, the trouble with this hobby is that the materials can become clutter in no time unless you know how to keep your knitting equipment. Tidy up your workspace by observing the following rules:

    knitting equipment
    knitting equipment

    • Keep your yarn sorted either by project or by type. One of the worst things to happen to your yarn store is for it to get eaten by moths or to get so cluttered that you have trouble looking for the type or color that you need. There are two ways to prevent this. One is by sorting your yarn by project. If you have, say, a sweater and a stuffed toy project, take the yarn that you need for each one and store them in separate bags along with the respective patterns. Another way to store your yarn is to organize it by type. Keep your alpaca, wool, and cashmere yarn together with cedar balls or lavender essential oils to keep them from being eaten by moths.

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    • Organize your knitting needles by number. Take a few plastic freezer bags (i.e., the ones made with thicker plastic so that they don’t puncture easily) and label them with each needle size using a permanent marker. Put all the needles of the same size into one bag and arrange them by numerical order (e.g., needle size 2, 3, 4). This way, you can just grab one bag when working on a project rather than rummaging through a whole box of needles looking for the right one.
    • Compile all of your knitting patterns into one folder or file. Apart from your yarn rolls and needles, patterns for your projects should also figure in on your strategy for how to keep your knitting equipment. Tidy up errant loose pages of your knitting patterns and organize them by type (e.g., garments like sweaters, socks, and gloves, kitchen linens like pot holders, etc.), weight, color, or even by difficulty level. You can then place these pages in a clear book or a folder and mark each page with a label to make it easier for you to locate a certain pattern in the future.
    • Use a plastic, see-through drawers to store all of your knitting paraphernalia. You can get a stack or two of these depending on how much yarn or needles you have at any department store. Apart from being quite cheap, these plastic drawers also allow you to see the contents of each one easily. You will also be able to tell which of your supplies will need replenishing soon at a glance.
    • If you have a few works in progress, but have a favorite project, you can store all of its needles and yarn in a bowl by your bedside so that it’s easily accessible.
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