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Folkore Braid With Knots

Folkore Braid With Knots

Another great pattern which is Folkore Braid With Knots for beginners to learn and for the more skilled to come up with creative ideas.The knots are details that belongs to the knitting folkore. Notably decorative shown as accessory at the folkore braids.

Folkore Braid With Knots Instructions

Folkore Braid With Knots
Folkore Braid With Knots

This braid has 19 stitches width. At the below image are designed only the Right Side stitches. All the Wrong Side rows , you knit the stitches like they present. Repeat continuously the 1th-22th Row.

Folkore Braid With Knots
Braid With Knots

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Folkore Braid With Knot Symbols

Χ= 1 Wrong Side Stitch

Folkore Braid Circle

= 1 Right Side Stitch

Ν = 1 knots (= Knit the 1 stitch Right Side , now do 1 throw , again knit the  same stitch Right Side ,  again do 1 throw and knit for the third time the same stitch Right Side, then at this 5 stitches knit 3 rows Right Side. Then pass the 5 stitches on needle and pull the yarn inside of all stitches. Pass the right needle at the slip knot that remains.

Folkore Braid Symbol
Braid Symbol

= Put 1 stitch into a helping needle from the back of the knitting , knit the next 3 stitches Right Side, then knit Wrong Side the stitch from the helping needle.

Folkore Braid Symbol
Folkore Braid Symbol

= Put 3 stitches into a helping needle at the front of the knitting , knit the next stitch Wrong Side , then knit Right Side the stitches from the helping needle.

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