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Knitting Braids On Rib

Knitting Braids On Rib

We will create a repousse knitting with knitting braids. Using the rib with the unwoven and the throw, gives a special fantastic look.

Knitting Braid Instructions

You need to be careful that the numbers of every string of the knitting braid to be even. In this example , every string it consists from 4 stitches and the hole knitting braid consist from 8 stitches. In one Right side row you want to create the knitting braid , pass 4 stitches to a needle on the back of the knitting , together with the depending throw , starting with 1 Right side stitch. Then knit the next 4 stitches , plus knit the stitches from the needle ,  like all the stitches of the knitting braid with rib and throws. Now continue with the same knitting technique the rest of the stitches.

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The example knitting braid has high 12 rows. But you can manage the distance between crossing.

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