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Five Days Baby Sweater Free Knitting Pattern

Five Days Baby Sweater Free Knitting Pattern

With the five days baby sweater free knitting pattern, you can create something unique for your baby. All you need are your needles, yarn, and five days to finish this awesome baby knitted sweater. Easy to follow instructions separated into five days so you can make it on time. 

Day One:
Materials needed: about 3 ozs. each  light worsted weight yarn in several colors,(three is great)24″ circular needle size 3 to 5 (which ever gives you gauge)I’ve used a thicker yarn at 5
sts to 1″ and it worked out fine.
Gauge: 5 1/2 sts. per inch
Yarn needle for weaving
5 to 8 buttons.

Cast on 150 stitches

Rows 1-4: Knit
Row 5: K4, *YO, K 2 tog, K5* repeat from* to* ending with K2 tog, YO, K4
Row 6 -8: Knit (150 sts)

Day Two:
Row: 9 and 10: KnitRow 11: K3 K2 tog, YO, Knit to endRow 12, 14, 16: K4 Purl until 4 sts left, K4Row 13: Knit acrossRow 15: Knit 

Day Three:
Row 17: Repeat row 11Row 18, 20, 22, 24: repeat row 12Row 19, 21: KnitRow 23: Repeat row 11 

Day Four:
Row 25, 27, 31: KnitRow 26, 28, 30, 32: repeat row 12Row 29: Repeat row 11 

Day Five:

Row 33: Knit

Row 34: repeat row 12

Row 35: K3, K 2tog, YO, Knit until 5 sts from the end of row, YO K2 tog, K3 (150 sts)

Row 36: repeat row 12

Row 37: Working on the first 50 stitches on separate needle (same sized needle and leave remaining 100 stitches on circular needle or use stitch holder if you need to use your circular) :  K4, SSK (Slip next stitch as if to knit, slip next stitch as if to knit, K these two stitches together through the fronts of the stitches), Knit 44, Cast on 15 sts.

Row 38: Purl 60, K4

Row 39: K4 , SSK, knit 58, cast on 15 sts.

Row 40: Purl until 4 sts remain , K4 (78)

Row 41: K4, SSK, Knit to end, cast on 15 sts. (92) sts)

Row 42: Purl until 4 sts left, K those 4

Row 43: K 4, SSK, Knit across row

Row 44: Knit ( we are changing to garter stitch now for the sweater yoke and sleeves)

Repeat row 43 and row 44 until 70 stitches remain. Bind off.

I start my stripes at row 43. I work two rows in each color.


Attach main color of yarn to next 50 stitches from holder.

Row 1: cast on 15 sts, knit across those 15 and remaining 50, cast on 15

Row 2: Purl

Row 3 and 5: repeat row 1

Row 4 : repeat row 2

Row 6: Knit 4, purl until 4 sts remain, K4

Knit back of sweater to same length as front section all ready completed in desired pattern. You can knit it to match your current front or can chose to keep it in the main color. I decided to make my back in stockinet but, made sure I kept my first and last four stitches (at the sleeve ends) in Knit.

Final front :

Working on final 50 sts.

Work exactly the opposite as other front starting at row 37 but, cast on your 15 sts. at the underarm . Work until piece is the same size as other front and arm section matching your striping and making your decreases as a K2 tog instead of the SSK. Attach yarn and :

Row 1: cast on 15 st. Knit across until 6 sts remain, K2 tog, K4

Row 2: K4, Purl across

Row 3,5: repeat row 1

Row 4 : repeat row 2

Row 6 and all even: K4, purl until 4 sts remain , K4

Row 7: K across until 6 sts remain, K2 tog, K4

Work to match front. Sew top of sleeve seams and underarms. Add as many buttons as desired. I used three on the front (every other button hole) and two flat buttons on the inside.

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