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Super Easy Adult Knitted Slippers

Super Easy Adult Knitted Slippers

These super easy adult knitted slippers make a wonderful charity slipper for local nursing homes, hospitals, and older children’s group homes. Really easy free knitting pattern to follow.

Top-Down Version of a favorite sock pattern. Adapted from a pattern found at Beckys (list mom of the Knitting4children site) webpage to be no-seam!

Needles: size 10 or 11 – 12 circular or double points (will make a woman’s sized slipper) size can be adjusted by needle size.

Yarn 3 to 4 ounces of worsted weight.

Cast on 30 stitches and place a marker at the beginning of the round.
Row 1-10: Knit 1, Purl 1
Row 11: Knit 13, *(Increase 1 in next stitch, Knit 2, Increase in next stitch)*, Knit 13.
Row 12: Knit 14,*repeat stitches above that are in *s, Knit 14
Row 13: Knit 15, *s repeat, Knit 15
Row 14: Knit 16, *s repeat, Knit 16
Row 15: Knit 17, *s repeat, Knit 17
Row 16: Knit 18, *s repeat, Knit 18
Row 17: Knit 19, *s repeat, Knit 19
Row 18: Knit 20, *s repeat, Knit 20
Row 19, Knit 21, *s repeat, Knit 21
Row 20: Knit 22, *s repeat, Knit 22
Row 21: Knit 23, *s repeat, Knit 23
Row 22: Knit 24, *s repeat, Knit 24
Row 23: Knit 25, *s repeat, Knit 25
Row 24: Knit 26, *s repeat, Knit 26
Row 25: Knit 27, *s repeat, Knit 27
Rows 26-41 Knit even rows, Purl odd rows

You can finish the slipper by either binding off all sixty stitches, folding flat and sewing the bottom closed or you can kitchner it shut for a no-seam slipper.

To make this slipper flat using 2- size 10 needles (not circular):
Cast on 30 stitches
Repeat above but, Purl the odd rows and only knit on Rows 26-41.

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