DK Knitting Patterns Free

    DK Knitting Patterns Free

    Dk knitting patterns free use the most popular weight of yarn which is DK meaning double knitting.This yarn can be used for almost any kind of accessory or garment and it usually needs 4 mm needles but always check the knitting description and the information which provides. Double knitting yarn is the most common weight of yarn in the UK, it’s used for nearly everything from baby clothes to sweaters for adults, scarfs, mittens and gloves.Also DK stand for double knitting but in the case of DK yarn it doesn’t mean that you need to use dk yarn to knit.Double knitting is a knitting technique, it doesn’t mean that you hold two strands of it together to stitch it.It’s just a simple way to classify the weight of the yarn.If you want to know more about yarn go and check it and some of the knitting technique here. Below you will find dk knitting patterns free to read and knit. Don’t forget to share it with your fellow knitters. Have a great day.

    DK Knitting Patterns Free Suggestions

    DK Knitting Patterns Free

    A easy knitting pattern for the starters and the lovers of knitted scarves. This double looped scarves is gorgeous and really stylish. It will keep you warm and it can match easy with casual clothes and something more elegant like your suit.

    Free Knitting Pattern

    DK Knitting Patterns Free

    The example triple knitting braid have width 9 stitches, 3 stitches for every string. Use Right side Jersey technique for the stitches of the knitting braid , for all the other stitches use Jersey Wrong side.

    Triple Knitting Braid Pattern

    DK Knitting Patterns Free


    • 3 (4) balls of Crystal Palace Mini Mochi (shown in 336 “Festival”)
    • Crystal Palace Bamboo 9″ single-pointed needles in US size 5 (or size needed for gauge)
    • Tapesty needle

    Knitting Pattern Link

    DK Knitting Patterns Free
    DK Knitting Patterns

    I had this idea to start posting some knitting pattern instructions for various styles and designs to knit a hat or a sweater and more. This articles will help knitter to learn more designs like braids on rib or ribs with unwoven stitches to add to their projects and maybe create their own knitting patterns.

    Simple Knitting Braid Pattern

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