Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Knitting Patterns And Wool
Knitting Patterns And Wool I found some really awesome free knitting patterns and wool, I will link the wool you gonna need to finish this masterpiece.The best part is that you need only to buy the wool because the knitting patterns are for free.Of course you can find subtitles for...

DK Knitting Patterns Free

DK Knitting Patterns Free Dk knitting patterns free use the most popular weight of yarn which is DK meaning double knitting.This yarn can be used for almost any kind of accessory or garment and it usually needs 4 mm needles but always check the knitting description and the information which...
knitting equipment
How to Keep Your Knitting Equipment Knitting is one of the most relaxing and fulfilling hobbies out there. Putting together something as simple as a potholder or as complex as a sweater with nothing other than a couple of knitting needles and some wool threads might be challenging enough to...
Knitting Pattern With Hazel

Knitting Pattern Hazel

  Knitting Pattern Hazel Fascinating but easy to knit is this knitting pattern hazel . Knitting it alone or knitting together with other hat or baby pattern and design this hazel knitting pattern is fascinating and fun to make. You can also have a look at my knitting equipment guide on...
Folkore Braid With Knots
Folkore Braid With Knots Another great pattern which is Folkore Braid With Knots for beginners to learn and for the more skilled to come up with creative ideas.The knots are details that belongs to the knitting folkore. Notably decorative shown as accessory at the folkore braids.
double rib and double stitches
Double Rib With Double Stitches For this double rib with double stitches knitting pattern , we will need circular needle  , because you going to knit continuously 2 Right side rows and 2 Wrong side rows , with different colors. You can make the rib with the throws double colors...
Knitting Braids On Rib

Knitting Braids On Rib

Knitting Braids On Rib We will create a repousse knitting with knitting braids. Using the rib with the unwoven and the throw, gives a special fantastic look. // Knitting Braid Instructions You need to be careful that the numbers of every string of the knitting...
Knitting Rib With Unwoven Stitches
Knitting Rib With Unwoven Stitches This knitting rib is repousse and fluffy. Knit all the time with only Right Side stitches , while the Wrong side  pass nonwoven with a throwing. And if by mistake a stitch throw and unravel , the problem can be solved easily.
English Rib with double right side stitches.
English Rib With Double Right Side Stitches English rib with double right side stitches is one of the most fantastic ribs you can create. But it’s not so repose like others. If you learn this pattern you can be more creative with your knitting hats and knitted tops projects. Thanks...
Triple Knitting Braid

Triple Knitting Braid

Triple Knitting Braid Now we will learn how to knit a triple knitting braid. At the previously article we learn how to knit a simple knitting braid. Go have a look at it maybe you will find it helpful before learn this one. If you want to learn how to...
Simple Knitting Braid

Simple Knitting Braid

Simple Knitting Braid I had this idea to start posting some knitting pattern instructions for various styles and designs to knit a hat or a sweater and more. This articles will help knitter to learn more designs like braids on rib or ribs with unwoven stitches to add to their...

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Knit Lacy Summer Poncho

Knit Lacy Summer Poncho Knit Instructions

Knit Lacy Summer Poncho Knit this free knitting pattern of basic summer poncho for all ability levels that implements lines of lacy knitting for a a lot...
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